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John van de Ruit

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

The Book Fair and Other Vague Musings

Hi All

I returned yesterday from what was unquestionably the most intense ten days of my life. Twenty-seven book talks, thirty signings and God knows how many books I’ve scribbled in. The worst thing wasn’t waking up before the sun (although in Jozi this wasn’t a problem) or the arthritic wrist – it was the smiling. Every evening i would stumble back to my hotel room with sore cheeks and wonder why. Well anyway you get my point. The novelty of being in demand soon morphs into a kind of clean professionalism that takes in everything but feels nothing. Funny that.

In a sense I feel like I almost missed the Book Fair because my minders thought it a good idea to have me speaking and signing at all times in all places. I did however, have the privelege of hanging out with other Penguin authors such as Kiran Desai who seems incredibly human and hugely humble, and the pocket-rocket Marian Keyes. I bonded with Christopher Hope in the hotel life and talked hijackings with Bullard in the lobby. I felt like a fan myself which meant that i was still grinning constantly except now more like an idiot!

Jabulani thanks for your comments on Spud and welcome. It’s good to be back home in Durbs now at my desk where I belong.

Chat soon Amigos



Recent comments:

  • <a href="" rel="nofollow">Digby</a>
    June 30th, 2007 @10:02 #

    Hi John,

    I was given a copy of 'Spud' by a school teacher friend of mine and...well, as a previous admirer stated, it is not often that I laugh out loud when reading a book but Spud had me snorting like Midlands steam train. Well done. Being a graduate of a traditional all boys school it brought back many fond memories. Was Nelson not released on 11 Feb?

  • Ingrid
    July 26th, 2007 @13:16 #

    Loved Spud.Still loves Spud.

    Would you consider one other booktalk about the misterious relationship between editors and authors for honors publishing students at University of Pretoria? No pressure to smile.


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